Should Guns Be Allowed Public Places?

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December 15, 1791 Second amendment to the United States Constitution protects the rights of the people to bear arms. As for many people this I’ve been known for years but it was brought to my attention that I was asked today “ should guns be allowed in public places?”; such as schools, parks and malls. As I was being questioned, it took me a minute answer, I agree gun should be allowed in places but here’s my reasons why. Growing up I always seen my father protect, defend, and honored his family at any cost. So I 'm big on protection. Guns in schools should be allowed but only in the right hands, Parks are dangerous and even though your child maybe having fun and your keeping a close eye, you never know who 's watching from a far, and last but not least malls, Around a certain time there are some people who watches your closer than you know. People are dangerous in the world. I believe guns should be allowed but only in The right hands. Policemen and anyone who takes the class and passes all test should be able to their weapon wherever they please.

“ If someone was to ever break into the house, I would lay down my life so you and your mother could get to safety.” My father once told me as little girl. “If you see a gun in the house do you touch it?” “No sir.” I responded “Do you know why we have a gun in the house?” “Yes sir, for our protection.” Growing up with a military father his main things were order and protection. When I was younger I never

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