Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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American citizens have been hiding in the closet of “parental shame” since the beginning of cannabis prohibition. At first, moms and dads were desperate to hide their personal cannabis use out of fear of shame, incarceration, or even worse, accusations of child neglect. Public perception of the “stoner” has all but crippled the progress of those fighting the cause. We live in a society where alcohol consumption is not only accepted, but glorified. Even the morning talk show hosts on a popular national news network spend their morning sipping on wine yet the mainstream media would like us to think a parent who tokes a joint will simply “forget” their children even exist.

Cannabis consumers know from experience and the science shows that the mainstream public perception of cannabis is simply wrong. One does not turn into a neglectful parent because of cannabis. Not only that, but many parents are now turning to cannabis to treat the children the government claims to be protecting. I say ‘claim’ because authorities are supportive of parents giving their children pharmaceuticals. As a matter of fact, a parent can be held liable if they do not want to follow doctor 's “orders” regarding medication choices.

Beginning January of 2016 the Oregon Health Authority began requiring dispensaries to pass out a flier with every purchase warning the consumer that “Marijuana Can Make Kids Very Sick”. Most of these fliers end up in the recycle bin next to the exit door.

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