Social Movement : The Parent Movement

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Social Movement: The Parent Movement – Background
Since the start of the 1900s, parents throughout the United States have actively come together in a joined effort of productive ways to manage the health, care, and education of their children. In the area of substance abuse prevention, however, the “Parent Movement” first began in the late 1970s. At this time, parents began forming parental action groups, in acknowledgement of the rapid accelerated boost in the use of drugs amidst adolescent individuals. Many drugs, marijuana especially, was once limited to the counter-culture of the 1960s; it was becoming more acceptable socially to the larger population, resulting in a widespread use (National Families In Action).
With these things in mind, parents were growing concerned for the safety of their children and responded by taking on the responsibility to educate communities about this ever-growing recreational drug epidemic among youth. Action groups were then organized in order to better reclaim their communities through closing stores that openly sold drugs and also by closing crack houses in their neighborhoods. Essentially, parents during this time designated themselves the prevention specialists on drugs in the 1980s, which is now known as the “Parent Movement” (National Families in Action).
Furthermore, throughout the 1980s, more and more parents were becoming educated about these drug problems and became determined to take part in freeing young people from this
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