Should Marijuana Be Legal? Essay

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Cannabis commonly known as “weed” or “marijuana” has been around since the early 2700 B.C. for medicinal purposes. Now and days cannabis has more uses than medicinal reasonings, people use it as a drug and as a product to sell. Studies states that weed has no negative impact to the human body, unlike alcohol which causes brain damage, and serious mental health problems within short and long term useage but, yet it is legal. That brings up the question “why not legalize cannabis?” With the legalization of cannabis there are no death with over using the plant. It can help the government generate addition revenue, and it has nutritional values along with its medicinal purposes.
“Cigarette smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths in United States annually, including an estimated of nearly 42,000 deaths resulting from exposure to secondhand smoke. Alcohol drinking, on the other hand, was responsible for approximately 88,000 deaths each year in United States from 2006-2010. The CDC doesn’t even have a record that identifies the number of deaths caused by the use of marijuana.” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). With that information why not legalize cannabis if it has no record of deaths caused by such product, yet we have products such as cigarettes and alcohol causing over 600,000 deaths yearly in the United States that is legal. The Nation Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that “U.S. Most notably, deaths caused by heroin and benzodiazepines

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