Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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On the other end of the spectrum, many frequent marijuana users are against legalization for the many constraints it will place on their use. The way the states have been regulating the drug disallows anyone under twenty-one to obtain the drug, even for medical needs, and it hinders their ability to drive while the drug is in their system (Evergreen). The stipulations concerning driving will cause inconveniencies for frequent users due to the variations of time in which the drug stays in a person’s system, often ranging from hours, to days, or even weeks. (Evergreen). Many varying conflicts of interest collide when discussing how to legalize the drug. All sides must be considered. There must be stipulations to appease the government, laws for those who need it medically, those who want to benefit from the drug recreationally must be considered, those who do not want the drug at all, and those who want the drug for its business opportunities must all be recognized. The laws created will not be perfect and they will require all parties to afford a bit of flexibility. Despite the difficulties achieving legalization may hold, endeavoring to do so will prove important to the future of our society. The significance of the benefits legalization would bring to our community, our economy, the government, and the health of our nation’s people cannot be ignored. Currently, over one hundred million Americans have used the drug, despite it being illegal, and 6% of Americans use it

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