Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Marijuana in The United States
Marijuana is a plant and drug that has been in America ever since the colonists came over in the 1700’s, and like anything that has been around for that long the perceptions of it change over time as a society’s social values and beliefs change. Today in America marijuana is mostly illegal except for medicinal purposes in some states and for a few states who have legalized marijuana completely. In this paper I will be discussing three major topics about marijuana in the United States. The first topic that I will be talking about is the legality of marijuana and how the laws and out look of it have changed over time. The second topic I will be talking about is the impact that marijuana has and the risks and benefits that can come from it. The last topic I will be talking about is the use of marijuana and how many people are using it and what social groups are using it. There are many varying opinions on Marijuana from people of all cultures and backgrounds, and since America is a cultural melting pot the discussion about Marijuana has never been larger.
Marijuana has been a controversial issue lately when it comes to whether or not it should be legal or illegal. Historically in America marijuana was was not always very well received going all the way back to when it was made illegal in the early 1900’s because Mexican immigrants were bringing it in to America and some people believed that it made whoever used it to become and act…

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