Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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While many people think that marijuana is dangerous should be considered as illegal drug, I firmly believe that marijuana should be legalized medically and recreationally. Marijuana provides its user relaxation and peacefulness which indicates that the drug does not influence bad or criminal actions. However, marijuana is still illegal in some areas where dangerous products like alcohol are legal. In the field of medicine, marijuana is one of the safest drugs among all medications nowadays. Marijuana is a very unique drug as marijuana can reduce many symptoms of varied diseases and treat many illnesses. The effect of marijuana on the user is making one relaxed and peaceful, Cannabis major components are called THC and CBD, which have been known for treating wide variety of illness throughout the history. For example, marijuana could help treat anxiety disorders, glaucoma, AIDS related illness, bipolar disorders and cancer related illness. Marijuana is recommended by many professional physicians and scientist because it does the job with very minor side effects. Most legal medications these days cause many side effects as they mostly contain chemicals, but marijuana is a natural drug and is still illegal. Although marijuana would safer and more beneficial in the field of medicine, many people still criticize the idea of legalizing marijuana and disregard the fact the many lethal drugs are being prescribed every day. People have logical reasons to be against legalizing

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