Should NASA Fund Asteroid Studies?

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Back in 1980s there was barely asteroids seen near Earth, but as the years goes by there has been more asteroids near Earth. Also there have been more than 12,000 asteroids seen near Earth in 2013. What I think is that NASA should fund asteroid studies because for more resources, safety, and that were competitive and current in the world (#1 winner).

First, is that NASA should fund asteroids studies because for more resources. What we can do with the asteroids is by selling the asteroids and that we can use it. If we sell asteroids we can use the money like for defence, health, education, and other stuff. Yet in ¨NASA's 2013 budget puts Brakes On Planet Probes¨ NASA could plan out what goes to what. Like they could use the money for science, exploration, space operation, and more. We can also use the asteroids for resources - gold, iron,diamond, emeralds maybe. But we can also get resources from other countries and we don’t have to use asteroids. Anyway we can sell asteroids to get more money and get resource in a way we could have never imagine.
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The explosion cause a shock wave which made trees lost their branches and it went all the way to England. Plus we could predict of when another Tunguska Meteor is gonna happen or when another meteor appears. But the next Tunguska Meteor doesn’t happen until two or three hundred years from now, so we're fine for now. But what if another Tunguska Meteor happens early like in fifty years from now. Also safety is key and important to everyone because everyone lives one
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