Should Offenders Be Socially Integrated?

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Therefore rehabilitation works personally with the offender and encourages individual responsibilities. Correspondingly as well as rehabilitating it is also imperative to look beyond the actual punishment itself. Although rehabilitation is a form of control mechanism the prospect of committing future crimes must not be disregarded .Ex- Offenders should be socially integrated and be in a situation to redress and repair themselves to the state their were originally in. However rehabilitating process is testing due to the prison culture and environment. A survey in England and Wales revealed that over a quarter of female remand prisoners stated the thought of possible suicide prior to the interview (Reed, 2003). This demonstrates the inhumane settings of the prison making it virtually impossible to reform offenders. Furthermore by offenders socialising with other prisoners will only expand their criminal way of thinking. By this the Rehabilitation procedure generally argues well for the use of punishment. Nevertheless the effectiveness of such programmes tend to have a temporary influence on a person.

Nonetheless preventing future crimes are not the only purpose for punishment.. Rather one reasoning maybe for past crimes committed. As opposed to utilitarian philosophy retribution focuses on past crimes and that punishment should be equivalent to the offence. This approach has dated back historically to the Hammurabi code one of the earliest writings in history. The concept

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