The Articles Of Cullen And Jonson

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The articles of Cullen and Jonson had a main focus of why punish criminals and how much should they be paid for the punishment. The article explains, 1 in every 100 American adults is behind bar and 1 in 31 is under someone form of correctional control. In the United States there are more than 1.6 million offenders imprisoned in state and federal institutions. Also the incarcerated population surpasses 2.4 million and there more than 828,000 people on parole, so inference there are 7.4 million Americans under the supervision of the correctional system. Throughout class, we have learned that the goals of the criminal punishment system revolve around 5 goals to maintain order. The goals are Deterrence, Retribution or just deserts, Incapacitation, Rehabilitation, and Restoration. Every goal has its own blueprint to how it should be process. Deterrence is a method in reducing crime through fear to scare of people in doing any type of crime. Retribution is an idea of getting revenge or getting even on a certain crime that was inflicted to the victim; an example would be the death penalty toward someone who killed a loved one of a victim. Incapacitation is to reduce crime through removing the offender away from the community, so it is basically deporting the person out for good. Rehabilitation is a method to reduce crime through treatment, as in mental help for the criminal to see if doctors can assist criminals in stopping their bad ways. Restoration is the idea of healing the…

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