Should Smoking be Globally Banned?

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Every cigarette you smoke reduces your expected life span by eleven minutes. (Maier, 2013). On an everyday basis everyone is affected by smoking, either firsthand or secondhand. Cigarettes used to be smoked everywhere; hospitals, stores and etc. There wasn‘t certain areas for smokers, since the negative impacts were unknown to the general audience. But after technology advanced, scientists found the atrocious side effects of smoking such as health problems concerning the human body, as well as gruesome personal side effects. Majority of the chemicals released in the air and taken into the human body will cause many sorts of health problems, including all types of cancer and other diseases. Smoking is very addictive; all smokers have a hard time quitting and it is affecting individuals. The people surrounding the smokers are in more danger than the actual smoker. For these reasons, smoking should be globally banned. (Teens Health, 2007). Everyday people breathe in air, but they don’t know that the air is polluted by cigarettes. Smoking doesn’t only harm the user, but also the people surrounding them. Secondhand smoking is when people around them inhale the toxic chemicals that are being released from the smoker. The general public inhales the toxic chemicals in the air. Secondhand smoking is worse than firsthand smoking because of the dangerous chemicals that are being released into the air. There’s about seven thousands chemicals that are being released and more than two
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