Should Sports Be Banned?

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Modern society places too much importance on winning in sports that we blatantly ignore the well being of our young athletes. This has lead many coaches to lose their perspective of what really matters in youth sport, having fun. Coaches have become engulfed in the idea of producing champions that they push kids too far beyond their physical and mental capabilities, eventually burning them out. If coaches are looking for results from their players, they should take the time to understand what they need from the coaches themselves as well as their teammates to allow for growth and development. Although winning is fun, it should never be done at the expense of the athletes. It is crucial for coaches to understand that winning does not …show more content…

This type of “drill sergeant” coaching is all too familiar in youth sports. The coach typically runs practices and games in a strict, no-nonsense fashion. Players who make a mistake are benched or chastised, and they believe in the philosophy that winning is the only way to have fun in sports, every single time. Children are already under enough pressure brought on by themselves, the last thing they need is for their coaches to place even more stress on them. Under this coaching style, kids are bound to play the entire season motivated by fear of losing or making a mistake, and being reprimanded by their coaches. Good coaches believe that the winning happens when the kids are having fun while playing, not the other way around. There are two extremes when it comes to children/adolescents and physical activity, which are either an extreme lack of physical activity which leads to obesity or overtraining which leads to injuries and burnout. On one hand, there is the extreme lack of physical activity, which is an unfortunate situation most people are in, whether they can control the circumstances or not. Some children and adolescents have physical limitations prohibiting them from participating in physical activity, and some cannot control their conditions at home that also prohibit them from

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