Should Students Learn A New Language?

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Many children around the world often learn a second language early on in their school careers, often having English as a popular choice for other countries. The same cannot be said about American schools unfortunately. There have been countless debates on whether or not schools in the U.S, should offer more programs for elementary schools so kids can be more exposed to acquiring linguistic skills and thus make it more facile to be more fluent later on in their school careers. Children should learn a new language as not only do they have more opportunities when given this exposure early on, they also would have cognitive, creative, social, cultural, linguistic and academic benefits with learning a new language earlier. Students are being…show more content…
It can be argued that putting little kids to start being bilingual can hinder them and confuse them when jumping back and forth between the two languages, however, research shows that it can actually be beneficial with helping the kids to learn how to distinguish between the differences and the phonetics which ultimately would aid them in reading better. Thus, primary schools should offer languages taught to little children as it would only benefit them and outdo the supposed flaws in this. Foreign language programs are one of the first to be cut out when schools in the U.S. Experience budget crunches or face poor performance evaluations. However, it challenges linguistic, cognitive, and creative skills for young kids so they are developed better and over time as they grow older and become more fluent and better with the languages. Foreign language programs have been shown to help with reading and their ability to apply insights and experiences of one language to another widens their experiences of language learning and this advantage continues to grow as they grow older. Regalla discusses how foreign language learning leads to improved academic performance in students and delves into how low the percentage of elementary schools in America provide the ability to learn at an early stage. She uses a setting where a Prekindergarten class was studied in terms of teaching the
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