Should Teachers Have The Most Important Role?

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Discussion Post #3
Claim: Teachers have the most important role in education because they take on a multitude of professions to ensure that students have the necessary knowledge for academic, social, and professional achievement.
Evidence: Teachers are able to influence student success most directly in the education system because of the many responsibilities they have inside and outside of the classroom. The Learning to Teach textbook outlines a few major roles a teacher has that shapes education as a whole.
• Teacher as a Scientist: Historically, notable educators have studied the process of learning and concluded the most effective ways of teaching. From these studies, three learning theories evolved, being the behaviorist learning theory, the cognitive learning theory, and the constructivist learning theory (Enz, Bergeron, & Wolfe, 81). Through these experimental observations, educators have been able to condition, expand, and diversify school systems around the world. For example, the cognitive theory emphasizes how content is processed by learners (Enz, Bergeron, & Wolfe, 85). Because of this theory, teachers are able to instruct classrooms effectively with the cognitive sequence to help students acquire knowledge. These learning theories influence our education system and can greatly enhance the academic success of a student.
• Teacher as a Communicator: Being an effective communicator is an extremely important role that teachers have within the education system.

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