Should The Baby Be Healthy? Essay

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Pregnancy is a joyful time for any couple; they are bringing a baby into this ever changing world. However, during pregnancy, a mother can have several questions, thoughts, and concerns racing through her mind regarding the baby she is carrying. All of this can be simply summed up with a single, overarching question: will the baby be healthy? In today’s technologically advanced world, doctors have the ability of running numerous tests to check the development of the fetus throughout the different stages of the pregnancy. Before a baby is born, the mother can be informed of any worries she may have. Including finding out if her child is growing at a suitable rate, if her child will have down syndrome, or any other abnormalities that might make the child’s life unique requiring special accommodations. As her pregnancy continues, she can check for anything that may run in her family. For example, if anyone in the couple’s immediate family, even if it is just one person, has Huntington disease, cystic fibrosis, or hemophilia, the doctor can run specific tests for those potential issues. Knowing whether a child will have complications or is perfectly healthy can help the parents prepare for what is about to happen in a very short time frame. Once the baby is born, the mother can take any action necessary to aid her newborn baby. There are several different manners in which a mother can do this. One is to have him or her massaged. Massage therapy has multiple benefits for the

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