Should The Death Penalty Be Removed?

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Should the death penalty be removed? Should it be legal to give the penalty to someone who commits a crime as a minor? Throughout the years, many citizens question if the death penalty should be removed. There are currently thirty-eight states that legalize the death penalty and illegal in eighteen. The death penalty is one of the most talked about issues in this country today. In the United States, there are more citizens that favor the death penalty. According to Pew Research Center, a gallup survey confirmed that in 2015, 56% favor the death penalty while 38% is opposed. People who favor it believe that it prevents the criminals from further killing.While the people that oppose it believe that it is a violation of the eighth amendment and that it should be removed. I personally believe that the death penalty should be removed in every state because it does not prevent criminals from further killing, and it is expensive and puts innocent lives at risk. While many believe that the death penalty prevents criminals from further killing, multiple research studies does not support this theory. A 2009 study from the most famous criminologist found that they do not believe that the death penalty does not deterior crimes. In addition, 87% of expert criminologist believe that the death penalty would not have any significant effect on murder rates. Studies does by the Death Penalty Information Center murder rates tend to be highest in the South where death penalty is used more

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