Should They Be Restricted During Crisis Essay

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Civil Liberties: Should They Be Restricted During A Crisis? Government restrictions should be required during a crisis. One reason is that government restrictions gave the colonists multiple reasons to break away from Britain. The first point is that Britain enforced extremely high taxes on common goods, such as tea and sugar, which were staples to the colonists' diet. The colonists were upset about not being represented in Parliament, even though they were technically British citizens. They thought that since they were being taxed on goods, they should be represented in Parliament. Britain ignored their request, and this then ignited the colonists' inner fire to finally fight back. Secondly, Britain began to decline trial by jury to the colonists by using guilty by Parliament. (Head, T., 2015). Britain could declare anyone as guilty, thus subjecting them to the confiscation of their property, imprisonment, or even execution. (Head, T., 2015). Government restrictions are placed to keep public…show more content…
Government restrictions made the situation worse that what it already was. Hitler instituted government restrictions during his tyranny. (The Restrictions..., 2015). The first point is that the citizens of the nations that Hitler took over had no control or say over what Hitler did, so the people had to suffer under terrible conditions with the governmental restrictions. (The Restrictions..., 2015). Secondly, the Japanese that had immigrated to Canada from Japan to get away from the fighting from Second World War were stripped of all their rights. They were thought to be spies or insiders trying to plan a way to take over Canada because of the situation at hand. (The Restrictions..., 2015). The Japanese migrants, in the end, all happened to be innocent. (The Restrictions..., 2015). The Canadians should have done background checks before stripping the immigrants of their rights.
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