Should Vending Machines Be Banned In Schools

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Health is an important function that overall defines the physical, psychological and social ability of a person to perform in a given situation. In today’s fast and instant life health has taken a backseat. Health related issues visible in all genre people and especially becoming a growing concern in children. At the young age children are facing health related problems like obesity, cardiovascular, and blood pressure. These problems occur only due to the easy access of unhealthy food at home and in school. The school is said to be the institution which teaches discipline to children. I think to begin healthy discipline is to start with nutritious food supply in vending machines instead of junk snack food. Wholesome meal enhances high concentration on studies for an extended period of time. In the article “Should unhealthy food be banned,” Rodriguez (2014) stated that Women and Children’s Health Network has confirmed nutritional eating habits has a considerable effect on the way children perform academically. In other words, children having a healthy meal can stay focused on their studies than the children having unhealthy foods. It is probably likely that the additional amount sugar tends children to be hyperactive making them less incline towards their studies. Vending machines provided easy availability of junk snacks at low cost causing damage to their overall health. Rodriguez claimed that the chips and colas and other fried items available in the vending machine are

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