Should University Increase Tuition Fee?

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Should university or college increase tuition fee?
Should the university increase tuition fee? Currently, a debate about whether universities and colleges should increase their tuition fees has drawn a lot of attention and discussion among both the students and the faculty. According to the article, “The Struggle for Public Education in California: Coming Due: Accounting for Debt, Counting on Crisis,” the author state, “Low income students have on average $2,000 more in debt than others. During the last ten years, average U.S. college tuition has increased about 8 percent (three times the rate of inflation) every year. In the UC system, tuition has increased 300 percent since 2000 ',” That supports, students in the universities or …show more content…

With the economic globalization gaining momentum, it goes without saying that the competition in the job market will only become more and more fierce. And in today’s world, without a proper education, it is very hard for us to land a job in the future. No wonder that education has long been a hot issue in all countries across the globe. No one would deny the fact that there still exist large room for improvement in the education system, and the most talked about is how to promote education equity. It is of great significance because education equity safeguards the basic human rights of the vast number of students and more importantly, it is an effective means for mankind to promote social equity. However, if the universities and colleges increase their tuition fees, then they are setting back what we have already achieved for education equity. When we speak of education equity, we need to pay close attention to the affordability of education to students who are from a medium- and low-income families. Many people would take for granted that international students must all come from very well-off backgrounds. It is absolutely not true. Many of them are from very ordinary families, but their parents would rather spend all their money on their kids’ education because they believe a prestigious university’s diploma would help their kids land a dream job after graduation and thus change

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