The Tuition Fee Cap Of Universities Essay

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INTRODUCTION in 2012, the tuition fee cap of universities in England increased to £9000. Wales, Scotland and North Ireland also raised their fee. With the agreement of the parliament, the UK government allowed universities to charge Students up to £9000 per year instead of the £3375 in the previous two years. This contentious policy leads to protest in London and strong objection among students and schools. The opposition argued that raising the cap on tuition fee will put huge pressure on both universities and students, as the cuts to university funding will force the universities to increase the tuition fee that adds up to student 's financial burden. Supporters, however, claimed that by cutting down university funding will benefit the rest of the economy.
This essay will be examining both sides of arguments and give reasons to why the policy is unfair to current and future university students. As for the impact on the economy in the UK, Graphs, and statistical data will be included to further explain and analyze.
Before debating on whether increasing tuition fee is unfair to future students, we should keep in mind that the current education system and policy can never benefit everyone. Especially when the competition between universities is a lot more intense nowadays. Increasing the income and value of the school is the priority. If one has no money or resources provided, it is less likely that he or she can be enrolled at a university compared to others. Thus, the

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