Should We Replace Animal Testing Necessary?

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Can you imagine being locked in a cage waiting in fear for the next painful procedure? More than 100 million animals suffer and die in the United States each year from animal testing. Animals are locked in cages and tortured, which leads to the development of neurotic behavior. Animal testing is a serious issue that has faced almost the entire world. Many animals are harmed and treated unfairly for experiments that end with wasteful results. It is unreliable, wasteful, and dangerous. There are many alternatives that can replace animal testing to help preserve these harmless animals. Animal testing should be discontinued to help save the lives of harmless animals.
Animal testing can be considered unreliable. 95% of drugs fail in human trials despite promising results in animal tests, whether on safety grounds or because they do
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One alternative is Micro dosing, the administering of doses too small to cause adverse reactions, can be used in human volunteers, whose blood is then analyzed. This method enables human volunteers to be safely substituted for animals in some drug tests. It involves giving humans doses of a drug high enough to cause cellular effects, but too low to affect the entire body. It is considered only Phase 0 of a clinical drug trial, the earliest phase; animal testing with the full dose of a drug is needed to determine its safety and efficacy and for drug approval.
Another alternative to animal testing is In vitro (in glass) testing, such as studying cell cultures in a petri dish. It can produce more relevant results than animal testing because human cells can be used. Cells or tissue samples are taken from animals or humans and prepared for laboratory study. Scientists then apply drugs or products to the artificial human-like skin and see how it reacts. In vitrotechniques focus on the cellular level and therefore cannot replace whole-body
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