Should You Be Able to Download Music? Essay

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Downloading music from the internet, especially illegally, is one of the leading topics in the world today, mainly here in America. Almost every home in this country has a computer, and some, more than others, making it even easier to have access to the internet. Because of this, people seem to stay at home more and do everything from the computer like shopping for clothes, looking for a new car, or what most people are doing today, downloading music and/or other media. This topic becomes more serious every single day. Everyone who uses this method of getting music or other types of media, don’t realize what they are doing and what’s at risk. People see an easy way of doing something for free and they are ready and willing to do it …show more content…

Some downloading companies are now setting up security programs that allow them to track all uploading and downloading that goes through their servers. If they suspect any fowl play or misuse of any of the files, they do have the ability to track the computer down that the file was downloaded on and the person who downloaded the file will be caught. Also, another risk that can come with downloading a file illegally is the ability to catch a virus on the computer. Viruses can be placed on the computer via one of these downloads, and the user of the computer would never know it’s there. Viruses can give the person who created them the ability to steal personal information such as banking information, email information, passwords to everything, pictures, house address, name, and in the end, terminate the computer the virus was downloaded on. These kinds of things are just the beginning to what illegal downloading can do and what kind of effects can be caused by this. Downloading music is a great and sage way to get it faster than driving to a store and buying a cd full of a lot of songs that may never be listened to, when all that was being wanted was one song from that particular track. Just know where the safe sites are and where the bad ones are. Why risk having personal information taken or being caught and arrested or even put thousands or more people out of work? All that needs to be done to prevent this from happening is put a price on downloads and give

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