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DreamWorks Animation has released over 30 animated films since 1998. Among their highest grossing films are the Shrek franchise, Madagascar 3, and Kung Fu Panda 2. For this analysis I shall be looking at Shrek 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2, and examining what may make these movies a bit unsuccessful despite their success. Shrek 2 is DreamWorks’ highest grossing film at $919.8 million worldwide, topping its’ first film Shrek. This film may be the highest grossing film but what about it may have fallen short? I found the opening of the movie using a storybook to not be as successful as its usage in the first Shrek. The issue of using the storybook may have stemmed from how they transitioned to the actually movie, having the 2D storybook picture of Prince Charming suddenly change into the 3D model was a bit jarring and could have been done better. Using a different way to deliver the opening monologue, or even changing the dialogue so it didn’t have to be read as if it were a storybook could have fixed this issue.
DreamWorks tends to shift the style they animate in from movie to movie and the Shrek franchise happens to be one where their animation style is …show more content…

The 2D style for Po’s flashbacks works fine at times with the 3D aspects of the film, but then they also have a cutout sequence at the beginning of the film that has a completely different design. I feel that the best way to fix this issue is by choosing between the necessary styles. The 2D animation works better with the 2D in my opinion, while I feel like the cutout animation is out of place. If they wanted to have the opening in a different style I would suggest sticking with only 2 styles of animation in the movie. I do have to say that the visuals of the film were stunning, the color palates looked very nice and I specifically enjoyed the contrast of red and black that was often used during fight sequences with Lord

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