Sigmund Freud 's Theory Of Psychology

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Emotions, they are all inside the vas notion on how we develop into this world. It makes us who we are, the specific relationships in which we have with others and connect on aa different level. Where do these emotions come in from? More specifically how does one cope in the preteens when things begin to chance. Each emotion is made as moments happen in one’s life. Just as in a movie Inside Out, the brains development defines the person’s life. So many emotions are made but there are specific core emotions that are inside of us. These emotions such as: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. These ideas come from stages in which we need to hit as we grow in order to develop properly.
There were two main developments in psychology that support the where our development into each stage come from. For starters there’s Sigmund Freud, a main contributor to psychology (neurologist), that believed there is a specific order in the stages of development. His stages are called Psychosexual Stages of Development. The Five stages include Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latent, and Genital. (As seen in Figure 1) These developments are more on the physical side to growing into puberty and so on. Freuds ideas are the first of a long line of developers to come (Bee, Helen).
Next Erik Erickson (American developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst) idea develops 8 stages branching from Freuds ideas (as shown in figure 2). These stages are known as Psychosocial Stages. The 8 stages are: Trust vs.
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