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September 3rd, 2010 Significant Place: Brooklyn, New York Many people have a place that is very significant to them. In my opinion, having a significant place is a very good thing because that means that significant place has a meaning. Brooklyn, New York, is the original hometown of the majority of my family and they have a very significant background history there. Brooklyn, New York is a very capacious city. My favorite thing to do there is shop. When I go shopping, I often enjoy seeing the enormous crowds in the downtown area which lets me know I am in New York. I try to ignore the rambunctious sounds coming from the cars, buses, people and trains because Brooklyn is a very large city which means there’s going to be a lot of noise …show more content…

The majority of my family lives in Brooklyn. Most of them resided from South Carolina to Brooklyn and the others were born and raised there. My family loves New York as well. Most of them are very successful, while few are still struggling to make a living. To my family, home is Brooklyn, New York and as they would always say “There’s no place like home”. Brooklyn, New York is known as the “Big Apple” and “The Empire

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