Signing Contracts With Labors Before Expelling Illegal Immigrants Essay

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Signing contracts with labors before expelling illegal immigrants to save the labor costs. Purchasing forward contract to lock the price of materials in case of imposing tariff on importation. Taking loan in foreign countries with lower interest rate and purchasing currency future to avoid the exchange rate fluctuation.
As a quickly growing global manufacturing company, we are facing various and potential opportunities and challenges within the global market. Manufacturing remains a crucial position of accelerating economics in both developing and developed counties. The 2007 financial recession choked off the demand and numerous workers transferred to service industry. Due to the variable costs and capital loss, the majority of the business are occupied by the first tier of manufacturing nations. Recently, Donald Trump was elected as the president of the United States. Our society will encounter some turbulence from different aspects when he executes his proposals. The decisions he made on both financial field and manufacturing industry will impact our future strategy, so we need to prepare ahead of time to hedge some possible risk.
Even though accelerating the development of manufacturing plays a significant role in Donald Trump’s plan called “make American great again”. His judgements are not wise enough which would drive the situation worse. He proclaimed to expel illegal immigrants because he insisted that decision will bring jobs back to

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