Similarities And Differences In The Lotus Seed And The Journey

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Migration is a big part of country's population. There are many stories that are written about migration. In those migration stories, “The Lotus Seed,” and “The Journey,” Have many similarities and differences. For example, during the migration, there were push and pull factors that make migrants want to relocate. In the two book “The Lotus Seed,” and “The Journey,” for push factors, both migration was push by war and violence. The factors that pull people to relocate for both books was safety. In “The Lotus Seed,” there were many opportunities, jobs, and safety that pull the south to migrate to America. In “The Journey,” it was voluntary migration, because many people chose to migrate to a new place, and find a safe place from the war. According to “The Lotus Seed,” the migration wasn’t voluntar it was forced. People was forced to migrate because of the war between south and north of Vietnam. They had to relocate to find a safe place. Migrants don’t just migrate without any obstacles in their way, during the migration from the south to America in “The Lotus Seed,” there were many obstacles in their way. Migrant have to travel by boats, it was tough crossing the ocean. Some of those migrants came to Thailand, there were many obstacles in Thailand. Migrant were robbed and their women was taken away by Thailandese. In “The Journey,” there are different obstacle, such as, the wall, the family couldn’t cross the wall because of the guard. The guard told the family that they

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