Similarities And Differences Of Hayy Ibn Yaqzan And Swiss Army Man

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argue about similarities and differences of both the famous Islamic book “Hayy Ibn Yaqzan” and the popular film “Swiss Army Man”. The plot of the book “Hayy Ibn Yaqzan” tells us about the boy whom the doe found and considered him as her own fawn. From this time, Yaqzan started to live on the desert island and got used to everything there. One of the main ideas of this book demonstrates the misunderstandings of religion; people understand it by the way they want to. In addition, the other idea shows the interaction of the person with the society and the best way to join it. However, the plot of the film “Swiss Army Man” tells us about the unhappy life of the man who, unfortunately, appeared on the desert island seeking for God. The movie points to the fact that people sometimes make wrong decisions and prefer to run from them neither then to solve problems. Thus, “Hayy Ibn Yaqzan” and “Swiss Army Man” have the strong …show more content…

Both the film and the book point to the fact that as Hayy, Hank also discovered the fire. It means that by the fire, Hayy could develop his knowledge about nature and the body structure, and Hank could survive in the desert place. In addition, the book and the film demonstrate the connection to the “Allegory of the cave” by Plato. In the book, when Hayy decides to leave the island, he leaves “the cave” to see the real world with Ablas. In the film, Hank tries to return to the civilized place showing the reason to leave the cave. The last similarity shows the connection with the fate. The Fate linked together Hayy and Ablas in purpose that they will help each other; also, it linked Hank and Mani in purpose to complement each other. Therefore, detail similarities show the strong connection between the book and the film even though the author of the book wrote it centuries ago, and the film director filmed it in

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