Similarities Between Easter And Greek Easter

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Come every April, I would throw on my clothes and run out to our Dolmades tree to pick leaves to prepare for our traditional dinner. My grandfather grew up in Sparta Greece. He grew up celebrating a different occasion that most people do not. Most families across the world, celebrate a tradition known as Easter. The whole family comes over, turkey and mashed potatoes are spread out all over the table, and you’re waiting for the moment your mom tells you that it’s time to eat. However, my family is different. Instead of celebrating Easter we celebrate Greek Easter. Both are quite similar in ways but have very different traditional values and most importantly, food.
Initially, my grandfather would celebrate Greek Easter when he was a child and then brought the tradition to my family. However, the food prepared wasn't easily accessible to him when he was a child. Growing up in Greece, food and money were scarce. To add, he grew up during World War I, soldiers would scavenge through his village frequently. Roaming house to house taking any supplies and food they could get their hands on. With that being said, in order to celebrate Greek Easter, he had to find leaves, rice, and all the essential needs to prepare the food. Walking through town barefoot, he would only find limited supplies to make the food. Like Jonathan Safran Foer said in Storytelling “In the forests of Europe, she ate to stay alive until the next opportunity to eat to stay alive again. In America, fifty years

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