Similarities Between Exit East And A Golden Age

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Tahmima Anam’s “A Golden Age”, published first in 2007 is set in the city of Dhaka during
Bangladesh’s war of liberation in 1971 . Bangladesh then formed the eastern wing of the
Pakistan and after many years of negligent and contemptuous governance, became the battlefield for the Pakistani Army and India backed Bangladeshi armed fighters.
This work has themes which elicit comparisons with “Exit West” by Mohsin Hamid . Both of the books feature a city torn with civil war and main characters who are subject to a sudden upheaval in their lives once the infighting starts. Unlike Hamid’s magical realism inspired dystopian utopia which envisions a world without border, Anam’s work is a narrative firmly set in the bloody history pages of Bangladesh’s
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Curfew is imposed

Eventually as her children threw themselves into the struggle, she too- unable to deny them, ends up contributing to the struggle.
The most striking difference between “A Golden Age” and "Exit West" is the fact that the characters are fighting for their idea of a home. The children think of home when Bangladesh is independent, and Rehana when her family is safe and together in their house. Despite temporarily leaving Dhaka for some time, they makes sure to return to their original abode, indicating that their struggle was for their land itself.
The city of Dhaka itself show many characteristics that can be seen in almost all large cities.
There is some sort of degree of variety in population. Here, Muslims and Hindus coexist in a city bustling with activity. Rehana's friend circle itself consists of members of both the groups as they carry on with their mundane gossip and gatherings. The Dhaka college, like educational institutions in times of unrest, is a breeding ground of revolutionary sentiments, highlighting the importance of major urban colleges in terms of such mass movements. It is there where Sohail and Maya get a chance to discuss, promote and act on their
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