Similarities Between The Socs And The Greasers

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This tragic event between the Socs and the Greasers all unfolded starting with the Blue Mustang. On June 17, 1968 late at night, two boys with the names Johnny Cade and Ponyboy Curtis were in a park at midnight doing what seemed to be nothing of concern to anyone when suddenly a Blue Mustang containing four men slowly circled the park looking for a fight against Pony and Johnny who recently picked up their girls.

It did not sit right with them. The men got out of the car and started taunting the two boys. Johnny did not feel good about this because one of the men that were standing in front of him had recently jumped him. He was scared for life. Johnny promised if anyone tried to jump him again he would kill them. This was not a lie. Pony was grabbed by Bob and he attempted to drown Pony in the nearby fountain. Johnny was angry at the fact that his friend could possibly die in front of his eyes. Johnny pulled out his 6 inch switchblade and stabbed Bob to death in hopes of saving Pony, that's exactly what he did. …show more content…

The men smelt heavily of english leather and whisky. Bob was asking for a fight but got more than he could have handled, he underestimated the boys and it was even knowing that he has killed someone. Now knowing that the police were chasing them they had to run for their

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