Similarities Between The Trojan War And The Journey Of Odysseus

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Since the ancient times, mankind has been enamored with the myths of Homer, author of the Iliad and the Odyssey. Two tales among these, one being the Trojan War and the other being the journey of Odysseus, have fascinated many modern scholars and archaeologists. What qualities of these tales have led so many to present their own vision and rationale of the setting, ignition, and conclusion of such events? Can one even claim the Trojan War and the Odyssey are true occurrences and characters, after considering the vast amounts of newfound literary and archaeological evidence? From broad consideration of if there is indeed truthfulness to these myths to personal theories of both the characters and places depicted in Homer’s stories, let all…show more content…
Nevertheless, one cannot discount the possibility that both are in fact the Troy of Homer, with elements from each woven together to form the great saga he intended to create.
If one continues with the assumption of the existence of Homer’s Troy, the following step of determining the process of events in the Trojan War would naturally be to identify the combatants that partook in it and the cause that drove them to war. Once again, many distinct possibilities arise and have been expanded upon by modern scholars, the most well-known being that the Greeks fought for Helen. As portrayed originally in the Iliad, the hero Achilles alongside the rest of the Greek army could have laid siege on Troy for Helen, who had been kidnapped by Paris of Troy, somewhat plausible since “there is a historical precedent for a war being fought over an injustice done to a king”(Stefan Lovgren) Even so, others have stated that this kidnapping could also “be seen merely an excuse to launch a pre-ordained war for land, trade, profit…”(Eric Cline) which would delegate the role of Helen to be the spark that ignited the preexisting will for war and not the sole cause. Another belief parallels this; being that the Mycenaeans fought for Troy because of its profitable positioning near the Black Sea, and by capturing it they would sate their greed for various forms of economic gain in addition to control of increased territory. Other

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