Simon Bolivar Essay

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Simon Jose Antonio de la Santisima Trinidad Bolivar was born in Caracas on July 24, 1783 to don Juan Vicente Bolivar y Ponte y dona Maria de la Concepcion Palacios y Blanco. Simon received an excellent education from his tutors, Simon Rodriquez and Andres Bello. By the age of nine Bolivar lost both his parents, and was being taken care of by his uncle don Carlos Palacios. At the age of fifteen in 1799 he traveled to Spain to receive a better education. In Spain, Bolivar met Maria Teresa Rodriquez del Toro y Alaysa, they married in 1802. Right after Bolivar and his new wife returned to Venezuela, she died of malaria or yellow fever. Her death greatly effected Bolivar, he vowed not to marry
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However he was able to recoup his troops in 1813 and institute the Venezuelan Second Republic with himself as the ruler. By this time Bolivar had not fully established himself as a leader from the warlords and other patriots. Without their support he was chased out of Venezuela. He took refuge in Jamaica, till 1817. With the help of King of Haiti who provided him with guns he returned to his continent. While returning he escaped assination several times, and was constantly on the move in the rainforests. While doing this he gained support of the plainsman, internationals, and his own countrymen.


The Battle of Boyaca of August 7, 1819 ended as a victory for Bolivar, and his army. That year he created the Gran Colombia, a federation including Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador. Bolivar served as president of the new Republic. On May 23, 1822 all of northern S. America was liberated and all Royalist opposition eliminated. Bolivar had larger plans for the continent, he wanted to liberate Peru. In September of 1823 Bolivar arrived in Peru by August 1824 Bolivar’s troops defeated the Spanish army in the battle of Junin. On December 9, 1824 all Spains’ presence was eliminated in S. America. On August 6, 1825 Congress of Peru created the Republic of Bolivia in honor of Bolivar.


By 1827 personal rivalries between generals, Venezuelans and Colombians, centralists and federalists
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