Simon Hix's The European Union

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Simon Hix is a well-known academic, who researches the European Union and has written a variety of books on the European Union. He addresses how it functions and the problems that are associated with it. Some interests of his that he researches are, ‘European Union Politics and Policy, The EU legislative process and the European Parliament, Parties and elections and Rational choice theory’ (LSE, 2014). His primary aim when writing this book was to give readers an understanding of how the European Union, as a political system works and how the institutions within it function and why they function in the way that they do and this is the general field of the book.

The main contribution the book is making is that the European Union can be easily understood by analysing each aspect of it. ‘The main argument of this book is that to help understand how the EU works, we should use the tools, methods and cross-systematic theories from the general study of government, politics and policy-making’ (Hix, 2005 p2). The book is split into different parts and each part assesses certain bits of the European Union, which is what this review will do. For example in one part, the focus is on the legislative branch of the European Union, the executive branch and the judicial branch. In another part the focus is on the political side of the European Union and looks at for example how the interests of citizens are represented to and throughout the European Union in addition to how democratic the

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