Single Sex Education Essay

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In the1990s, single-sex education gained interest over coeducation, and by the early 2000s, it had gained support from congress and the Bush administration. Since then single-sex education has benefitted many students, teachers, and parents. For all of the 1800s and most of 1900s coeducation had dominated schooling over the single-sex catholic and private schools.
Unfortunately, a Title IX provision was passed prohibiting sex discrimination, so that no person should be denied admission to any school on a gender basis. However, the law has since been revised for the better of single-sex schooling. This has caused much controversy between single-sex-education and coeducation. However, single-sex education has had many benefits for students; …show more content…

A school in New York City called the Jefferson Leadership Academies said, “Kids who attend single-sex schools not only do better academically but also have a better behavior toward school and a better outlook on life” (Jost 562). Then, when Kenneth Rowe, an Australian researcher, studied high school seniors he found that the kids attending single-sex schools scored fifteen to twenty-two points higher than the kids attending coed schools (Jost 562). This evidence helps to back up the benefits of single-sex education and the effects it can have on students such as higher grades and a more positive outlook on life.
Additionally, children especially boys, tend to have poor behavior skills in school. They act out when they get in trouble, they do not want to work or participate in classes, or they just do not want to be in school. Single-sex education can help improve behavior children and teens have in school. Students who are in single-sex classes tend to participate more and engage in more serious discussions in the classroom. Students, especially girls gained more self-confidence in school and felt it was easier for them to be themselves rather than trying to get boys attention all the time. At St. Johns University, ‘“Boys willingness to engage in what would be considered “feminine activities,” like choir or drama club”’ (Jost 562). Self-confidence is an important skill to have,

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