Sir Gawain As A Solar Hero Essay

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Throughout Canto 2 a great amount of symbolism is used to allude to the development of Sir Gawain as a Solar Hero. Canto 2 begins nearly a year after Gawain first accepted his quest from the Green Knight as he is arming himself and preparing to leave. The cycling of the year from spring to winter embodies part of the Solar Hero imagery and acts as an allegory for the stages of life from childhood through adolescence and adulthood into seniority. As Gawain left the “from out the stones the sparks they flew away” (Weston 24), which demonstrated Gawain’s bravery and willingness to set out on this dangerous journey. This characteristic of bravery is part of Gawain’s development as a Solar Hero and this idea is further seen by how the imagery of …show more content…

As he concludes his prayer Gawain then spots a castle in the distance. The castle's high white walls made it characteristics of a tower of clouds and a shining beacon, which again could be seen as a connection to Sir Gawain’s furthering as a Solar Hero in the story. This idea of the castle being a shining beacon is not only metaphorical for the hope that it brought Gawain as a place of harborage from the chaotic forest, but also literal as was shown in the lines saying, “Shimmered the walls, and shone, thro’ oaken branches bare” (Weston 27). Another interesting aspect of this canto was seen when Gawain was introduced to Sir B, the lord of the aforementioned castle, and the lord appeared to have many features symbolic of a Solar Character as well. Sir B was displayed as a large, powerful man with red hair and a fiery face, therefore relating many of his features to fire and the sun, just as Gawain has been. To further demonstrate the importance of the castle on Gawain’s character development, the author also chose to depict the young knight’s room with colors of red and gold all

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