Situation Analysis and SWOT Review of Community South Medical Center

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Situation Analysis Including S.W.O.T Review of Community South Medical Center 1) S.W.O.T analysis Let us select a need of Community South Medical Center and perform a S.W.O.T analysis of that particular need. Since the centre requires qualified clinical staff which includes registered nurses, it would be wise for any C.E.O who is in charge of the center to put this issue among his top priority notes. Let's perform this analysis in some detail. Strengths Since the Community South Medical Center enjoys a great reputation among the patients as well as the general population, it would be common to find many individuals who would like to become part of such a reputed organization. This reputation of the center should make the job of the management a bit easy as it would just need to advertise its requirements to the public and then choose the best from the applicants who apply for the job. The center can even negotiate on its terms with the applicants since there would be much competition for the posts of clinical staff and hence introduce many conditions such as a good experienced background, good educational background and so on. Weaknesses It is mentioned that the center requires clinical staff that belong to many different categories such as respiratory therapists, registered nurses and medical technologists. Since a lot of applicants would be applying for these positions it would be somewhat difficult to find out the correct personnel suitable for the right job.

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