Six Stroke Engine

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ABSTRACT The quest for an engine which having the same or more power with higher fuel efficiency than the existing ones has started before many years. As a result of all these researches a new engine concept is formed, which is a six stroke engine. Lot of research works are conducting on this topic nowadays and already six types of six stroke engines were discovered yet. Of these the resent developed three six stroke engines, i.e., Beare head, Bruce crowers and Velozeta’s are undergoing tremendous research works. During every cycle in a typical four stroke engine, piston moves up and down twice in the chamber, resulting in four total strokes and one of which is the power stroke that provides the torque to move the vehicle.…show more content…
It is developed by the engineer Samuel Griffin in 1883. In 1886 Scottish steam locomotive makers found a future in Griffin’s engine and they licensed the Griffin patents also marketed the engine under the name ‘Kilmarnock’. They used this engine mainly for electric power generation. Only two known examples of a Griffin six-stroke engines survive today. One is in the Anson engine museum. The other was built in 1885 and for some years was in the Birmingham Museum of Science and Technology, but in 2007 it returned to Bath and the Museum of Bath at Work Bajulaz six stroke engine:- The Bajulaz Six Stroke Engine was invented in 1989 by the Bajulaz S A company, based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Bajulaz six stroke engine is similar to a regular combustion engine in design. There was however modifications to the cylinder head, with two supplementary fixed capacity chambers, a combustion chamber and an air preheating chamber above each cylinder. The combustion chamber receives a charge of heated air from the cylinder; the injection of fuel begins, at the same time it burns which increases the thermal efficiency compared to a burn in the cylinder. The high pressure achieved is then released into the cylinder to work the power or expansion stroke. Meanwhile a second chamber which blankets the combustion chamber
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