Skeletal System Research Paper

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There are many reasons why the skeletal system is a fundamental system for the body. The purpose of the system is to keep the body from being a giant puddle on the floor. The skeletal system is made up bones of various shapes and sizes. (Simmers) The skeletal system performs many functions in our body.
The skeletal system is made up of 206 bones. All of these 206 bones help the body to perform the following functions: framework, protection, levers, production of blood cells, and storage. These functions work in very important ways. For example the framework helps support the body's muscles, fat, and skin. (Simmers) Protection also helps the vital organs be protected by the converse of bones. Levers connect everything together. Because there
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The axial skeleton contains the main trunk of the body, such as the skin, spinal column, ribs, and breastbone. This section is crucial because it protects the brain and vital organs. The spinal column also provides support for the head and trunk. The appendicular skeleton forms all the extremities and is composed of the shoulder girdle, arm bones, pelvic girdle, and leg bones. The appendicular skeleton helps us with our movement and contributes to our walking and the use of our arms. These two sections must be connected by something. Joints connect the two sections. Joints are where 2 or more bones join together. Two types of joints are diarthroses and amphiarthrosis. Both o f these are movable. Diarthroses is easier to move amphiarthrosis. Diarthrosis joints are more of the hinge joints and ball sockets. However they both connect two bones and help the body move. Even those th the bones can move they still break. Bones are strong but yet they can still break or fracture. For example, there is a compost or open break. This type of break is when the bone breaks and ruptures through the skin. In order to fix this break you have to put the bone back into proper alignment. If you can't do this then it may be necessary to have surgery and put in screws or pins to hold the bone in
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