Skilled Nurse Interview Paper

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I had the opportunity to be interviewed by a director of nursing at a skilled nursing facility. Her name was Jenny Anderson. It is her job to interview new nurses and certified nursing assistants at her place of employment. I had her ask me the same questions she would ask if it was a real interview, and we had a video camera set up on a table next to us. Ms. Anderson greeted me with a firm handshake and asked me to sit down across the table from her.
The interviewer was very friendly and first asked me some personal questions to break the ice. The first few questions were: “Where are you from?, Where did you go to school?, “What do you do for fun?” Next she moved onto harder questions that caught me off guard. One question I struggled with …show more content…

I noticed my handshake looked weak and a little sloppy. I also noticed how stiff my body looked at the beginning of this interview. I didn’t sit back in the chair, and it looked like I couldn’t wait to leave. I think this could come off as rude during an interview and may keep me from getting a job. As time went on, I was able to loosen up and become more comfortable but in a short interview I wouldn’t have the time to correct my first mistakes. Even if I am uncomfortable and nervous I cannot let the other person know. I need to show that I am confident in myself and not appear stressed. Managing stress reactions was taught in the “Effective People Skills” textbook. It is important to know when you are under stress to begin with so you can manage your emotions and reactions to the stressor. The second step to managing stress reactions is “being aware of your physiological reactions and try to control them.” (Bacon 9) I couldn’t tell from the tape, but my pulse seemed higher than normal during the interview process. I had to take deep breaths and force myself to calm down. The textbook also says “Most people react differently under stress than they do in normal circumstances...If you don’t manage stress well, you may appear to be a different person while under stress.” This is something I noticed with myself in the

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