Skin And Skin Contact Care

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Skin to skin contact care is a natural process that involves placing a naked newborn on the mother’s bare chest and covering it with blankets to keep the infant dry and warm. How a new born baby gets welcomed in the world during the first hours after birth do have short or long term consequences. After birth a skin to skin contact is a simple and beneficial step that a mother takes to welcome her baby to the world. Since delivery is a tiring time for the baby, it needs to get a skin to skin contact so as to calm down and also to support a healthy transition from inside to outside of life of the baby (Ward, Hisley & Kennedy, 2015). For a skin to skin contact the healthcare provider should place the baby naked on the mother’s bare chest so…show more content…
Being close to the mother also helps the baby to pick up some friendly bacteria from the mothers skin to help protect the newborn from some infections. Skin to skin contact keeps the baby’s blood sugar levels higher and regulates his/her breathing. Since newborns have faster heart rates compared to their mother, being on the mother’s chest helps create a more rhythmical pattern. In addition, research has also proved that the baby uses less energy which helps in preventing low blood sugar (Ward, Hisley & Kennedy, 2015). Premature babies are greatly helped by skin to skin contact even when they are on oxygen since it reduces their need for oxygen and hence keeping them more stable. According to In Macones, through the contact, the baby is able to feel the love of the mother and her expectations, and hence get the courage to improve on his/her health ten times faster in the incubator (2015). Skin to skin contact also makes breastfeeding easier and better since the babies who get the contact are more likely to nurse sooner and longer. The baby is able to see and smell the nipple and this encourages him/her to start breastfeeding immediately. The mother is also able to get the milk supply well established for the baby (In Macones, 2015). The infant’s digestive system matures faster through skin to skin contact. This is because the contact stimulates the vagal nerve therefore
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