Skin And Skin Contact Care

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Skin to skin contact care is a natural process that involves placing a naked newborn on the mother’s bare chest and covering it with blankets to keep the infant dry and warm. How a new born baby gets welcomed in the world during the first hours after birth do have short or long term consequences. After birth a skin to skin contact is a simple and beneficial step that a mother takes to welcome her baby to the world. Since delivery is a tiring time for the baby, it needs to get a skin to skin contact so as to calm down and also to support a healthy transition from inside to outside of life of the baby (Ward, Hisley & Kennedy, 2015). For a skin to skin contact the healthcare provider should place the baby naked on the mother’s bare chest so that they can be nestled chest to chest. The baby’s face should be turned to a position that opens the baby’s airway and allow the baby to stay snuggled for the recommended period of time. The other routine procedures like weighing and measuring should wait until after this period is completed (Lawrence, 2010). The first hour after birth is crucial since it is the sacred hour when baby gets to meet his or her parents for the first time and hence form a family bond between them. It is a once in life time experience which should be uninterrupted unless the mother or child is unstable hence requiring medical resuscitation (Ward, Hisley & Kennedy, 2015). A mother’s chest area is said to be warmer than the other parts of the body and is
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