Capstone Reflection

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My plan and dissemination and implementation for my capstone project is to educate the nurses on the importance of teaching parents about the proper use of skin-to-skin contact. I plan on implementing this project by providing the nurses with the latest evidence based practice so that they can help implement this in their education in the NICU unit at Mount Sinai. Nurses are viewed as reliable source by the patient therefore it is important for us to implement good quality teaching. When I present this project to the unit I will make the following recommendations: to examine and reinforce the education among nurses in the unit and to encourage parents to attend a two hour hands on training course before discharge on skin-to-skin contact.
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My preceptor and I were assigned 3 babies nursing this sift. Out of the three ba-bies two of them were in the incubator. During our initial assessment my nurse demonstrated the proper way to care for premature babies that are in an incubator. After my nurse showed me the proper way of performing the assessment and the task she asked me if I felt confortable enough to do the other assessment on my own. At first I felt scare because the babies were super prema-ture and I had never worked with babies in incubator however I decided to take on the task of caring for the three babies by myself with the super vision of my nurse. I also had the opportuni-ty to draw up labs for my three patients. During this week one of my strength was being able to hang fluids and set up the pump with no assistance. One of my weaknesses this week was being afraid of taking care of extremely premature babies because I was afraid of hurting them. My goals for next week are the following: 1) become confortable caring for babies in the incubators 2) be able to care for three patients 3) work on my time management and

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