Skoda Case Study

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Case Study: Changing Customer Perceptions - Skoda Cars in the UK (1) Introduction: In 1895 in Czechoslovakia, two keen cyclists, Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement, designed and produced their own bicycle. Their business became Škoda in 1925. Škoda went on to manufacture cycles, cars, farm ploughs and airplanes in Eastern Europe. Today, Škoda UK sells Škoda cars through its network of independent franchised dealers. [pic] The new Skoda Rapid for 2012 To improve its performance in the competitive car market, Škoda UK’s management needed to assess its brand positioning. Brand positioning means establishing a distinctive image for the brand compared to competing brands, so that the psychology of consumers is positively influenced towards…show more content…
Škoda parts are marked for quick and easy identification when the car is taken apart. • Using the latest, most environmentally-friendly manufacturing technologies and facilities available. For instance, areas painted to protect against corrosion use lead-free, water based colours. • Designing processes to cut fuel consumption and emissions in petrol and diesel engines. These use lighter parts making vehicles as aerodynamic as possible to use less energy • Using technology to design cars with lower noise levels and improved sound quality. Skoda’s market research showed that all these environmental initiatives had a positive psychological impact on Skoda owners, making them feel even more proud to own a Skoda (7) Outcomes and benefits of SWOT analysis Škoda UK’s SWOT analysis answered some key questions. It discovered that: • Škoda car owners were happy about owning a Škoda • the brand was no longer seen as a poorer version of competitors’ cars. However, • the brand was still very much within a niche market • a change in public perception was vital for Škoda to compete and increase its market share of the mainstream car market. ŠKODA UK The challenge was how to build on this and develop the brand so that it was viewed positively. It required a whole new marketing and advertising strategy. Škoda UK has responded with a new marketing strategy based on the confident slogan, ‘the manufacturer of happy drivers.’ The campaign’s promotional activities support
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