Skud Book Report

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After reading 80 pages of, “Skud,” by Dennis Foon, I felt motivated by the actions and determination shown by the main characters of the story, especially Andy. In the book, all the characters had a goal or objective and worked hard to reach that goal. Although most people would not advise someone to center their life around one certain thing, I think that when one finds a purpose or objective in life they should always do their best to reach this goal regardless of what others say or thinks of it. In the book, Andy dream was to become a popular actor.Although the possibility of getting cast is low and although he was hurt and unwell, Andy still went to the audition because of that small possibility. After reading about this, I felt determined and motivated by actions like this. …show more content…

Many important events in the book would not happen in real life. From my prior knowledge, I know the author is from Canada. Inferring that the events take place in Canada, I believe that many events that happened in the book would not have happened at a normal Canadian high school. For example, the Cage, a place where people get beat up and bullied, surprisingly exists. In a normal Canadian high school, places like this would have been discovered long ago. The Cage is also known by most people in the school yet no one reports the incidents and events that happen there. In Canada and most developed countries, students learn about bullying and what to do when they see someone being bullied at a young age. In the book, not only does the victim not do anything about their situation, there are also many bystanders who just watch and refuse to do anything about the situation of things. In reality, events similar to these would have been known to the staff at the school a long time ago, and bullies and people who take part in activities around the Cage would have received punishments for their

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