Slang Rehearsal

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“Out with the old in with the new”, Today's generation slang continuously changes depending on a new trend. I feel as if some “words and “phrases” are praised for the wrong reaosn. In 2015 some words should be retired because they are degrading, outdated, and highly unpleasant. The new slang the twenty first century uses today are very degrading and highly disrespectful. The slang people uses today are used to bring people down. For instances, “thot”, “tricking”, or “contraire used to disrespect an individual. The slang bossy should be banned because the word is inglorious and stop women having confidence forcing authority. In The SPIN Interview:” Kelis Talks ‘Milkshake,’ Feminism, and Inspirational Love”, rapper Kelis thinks “bossy” is just a word that have no meaning; Deborah Tannen thinks differently. Deborah Tannen is a professor of linguistics at Georgetown University Tannen wrote an article in “America Now Short Readings From Recent Periodicals” explaining, “ In short, women at work are in a double bind:” “That’s why “bossy” is not just a word but a frame of mind”( page 65). …show more content…

Such as, “bye Felicia”, “thirsty”, and “bae” started in 2012-2013. People are still saying these outdated words today. These passé words started from celebrities. For instance, Soulja Boy came up with the slang “swag” in 2007. Drake introduces the obsolete word “yolo” in 2011. Big Sean invented the famous word “swerve” in 2012. These words are still said in 2015. In Alexys Nukes YouTube video “Overused Slang Words” she explains all of the outdated words that are annoying and should be withdrawn from everyday use (“Over Used Slang”). As the world evolves the choice of slang need to change. Over-using a word can become extremely irritating and loses the entertainment when using the

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