Slavery In Africa Essay

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Sold into slavery to main that doesn’t mean anything to them or doesn’t relate to them at any point, but some see it as a hurtful subject to talk about. Average 7,000 children in Ghana are beaten every day and forced to work under horrific conditions. Although slavery and child labor are illegal in Ghana, humanitarian agencies estimate there are some 7,000 child slaves within the fishing villages along lake Volta. They told me to remove my dress, and they go and tie me to a tree, so after that they beat me,” says the 15 year-old. Children are not only abused in labor they are physically beaten by their owners. “Festering gash down the back of Isiah's right foot” as one child said. Some industries, such as restaurants, retail, and agriculture (to name a few), make significant use of child labor. Children serving food, working in factories, and also in farm fields like are they mature enough to even know what their doing. Children were categorized by ages 16-17, 14-15 and under 14. Under 14 years of age working barely knowing what’s even going on they're expected to do their job efficiently. The author said that…show more content…
Children are not supplied with the proper clothes to wear in and out of work they go home in the same clothes, sleep in the same clothes and work the next day in the same clothes. Children's threadbare clothes hang loosely on their thin bodies. “I don’t like working in the mine because we suffer” a child once said. In countries with a population of 5 to 6 million, approximately 100,000 to 150,000 people mainly young people work in the industry, with 400,000 more dependent in some way on diamond mining. From 7a.m. to 6p.m. child and adult diggers can be seen walking to and from the mines. Some diggers may be given a small sum of money as well (500 to 1,000 leones, or less than 50 cents), not enough to cover a visit to the doctor or
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