Slavery In Sudan

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Sudan had had a horrific civil war since 1956, between two different regions that practice two different religions, Muslim North and Christian South (“Slave Redemption Increases Slavery in Sudan”). The Muslim North governs their country in Khartoum, and they praise or even support the idea of attacking the Christian South villages and capturing people, who were later sold into slavery (“Slave Redemption Increases Slavery in Sudan”). The civil war continued on for decades until October 2002, the United State Congress passed the Sudan Peace Act, to help diffuse the situation is Sudan and to promote humanitarian efforts (Nashashibi). Was the war,even worth it? Even though it was believed to save people in Africa, mainly in Sudan, and they can …show more content…

According to the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army, there was about 20,000 slaves who are working in Sudan (“Slave Redemption Increases Slavery in Sudan”). Most of these slaves were captured by the Northern Army, superior Muslim north against a poor Christian south The northern army, Baggara, believed that they were doing something right, and they were supported by the the northern government, Khartoum, helped support these Muslim groups by providing troops, guns, and transportation (“Slave Redemption Increases Slavery in Sudan”). Thousands of women and children have either been taken on foot or by train through rough terrain to be sold in the north for as low as $15 (“Slave Redemption Increases Slavery in Sudan”). It is a major problem in Sudan, and other countries are not trying to end slavery and help …show more content…

It gave the southern Sudanese their independence to protect their religion freely without any harm from the Islamic north. On another hand, it corrupted the Islamic government, lead to about two million people dying and many more being forced outside of their homes. Also, many women and children being forced into slavery and being sold as low as $15. Many southerners believed that they did the right thing and fighting off the Islamic government to have their own peaceful country. But fighting off the Islamic government had it consequences, was the war even worth

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