Sledding Research Paper

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11. What is the best use you can think of for snow?
When it snows everyone has their own preference of what they like to do with it. Some like to go outside and build a snowman or fort, some like to toss snowballs at one another, while some would rather be inside, next to a fireplace, while they watch the snow fall. For me, the snow’s greatest purpose is sledding. After the first big snow fall of the season, my siblings, my friend, Agata, and her sister, some neighbors, and I all gather at the dead end of my street to sled. One house down from my own is a gated area for collecting water. Technically, it is illegal to enter the area, but the gate is broken, allowing people to enter. The area has contains many hills and slopes that are perfect for sledding during the winter. Even though people are not supposed to go into the area many people in the neighborhood do when it snows, and we aren’t hurting or disturbing anything so it hasn’t been a problem. Sledding is always so much fun there. Everyone who gathers competes to create the steepest and most twisty slopes. Agata’s dad always creates huge
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Christmas gifts that mean the most to me are ones that feel personal. The gift doesn’t necessarily have to be personalized; the fact that someone looked at something and thought of me make it special enough. Works of art are also Christmas gifts that are very special to me. Being an artist myself, I know how much time and effort goes into creating a work of art, so it makes me feel very good when someone puts their time into something for me. Even if a piece of art looks random or impersonal, it is almost impossible to make an impersonal piece of art with someone specific on your mind. Subtle details will be incorporated even subconsciously. In reality, it doesn’t matter what the gift is, any Christmas gift I receive is special to
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