Sleep Deprivation In Teenagers

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In their essay, “Sleep Deprivation in Adolescents and Young Adults,” the National Adolescent Health Information Center (NAHIC) provides causes and solutions for the lack of sleep in adolescents and young adults. Drawing facts and studies from all over the world pertaining to sleep deprivation in teenagers, the NAHIC describes why the majority of teenagers suffers from lack of sleep and gives different solutions to the problem that is so prevalent in America’s educational society. Some solutions to this ever-present problem, include later start times for schools and informational packets to give to teenagers about sleep hygiene. The NAHIC argues that one of the biggest problems of sleep deprivation in teenagers is the lack of education that teenagers receive about sleep hygiene. In their opinion and based off of the studies that the NAHIC provided, once teenagers and young adults start to get the information about sleep that they need, the majority of them will start to change the way they approach the topic of sleep, and they end up getting the full recommended night of sleep. In a study, In Shape - a healthy lifestyle advocate program - gave over 300 college students an intervention about sleep, stress, management, healthy eating, and more positive changes that a young adult can make in their life. Three months later, the college students show an increase in the duration of their sleep along with other health resorts (Werch, Moore, and Bian). In sum, the NAHIC argues that

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