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G.Sign in -Mike and Donna said They Didn't Have a chance to sit down outside graduation or Talk to Bob Kauffman. slurred- DIRECT AT ME La Donna and I sat down for a minute after carrying hundreds of chairs. Then Bill gave us a work order for Millstein Library Donna's work order. H.Sign in- Mike and Donna We didn't do any work at outside graduation .slurred- DIRECT AT ME-I said lining chairs in a row is easier than carrying chairs back and forth. Vicki, Cliff and Bill present nothing said. I.Sign in Donna slurred to me I'll Take all Mike's Work order for Robertshaw Hall. The day before I mention To Bill I had a work order of Mikes in my mail box . He said it was a mistake. Donna wasn't present when I talked to Bill. Scott …show more content…

Donna at sign in tells Mike that they can wave to Julie Godzik while cleaning Robertshaw Hall windows. slurred- DIRECTED AT ME - because I wave to police officer Simeon McClain on camera. B. Curt Varriano air was left out of this tires at Emmanuel Brothers Pitts property. Lenny,Mike and Bob were talking on 2 floor Chamber Hall after Maintenance I meeting. Mike slurred DIRECTED AT ME.There are no camera at Emmanuel Brothers. C. I come in right a 7 o'clock when Donna leaves to adore the harassment. I grab a cup of coffee at Wagner Dinning room and get to work. Bob suggested I come in early and don't get Coffee. Bob Kauffman and Bill never mention to the employees that don't work in chambers Hall. Mike,Brain Weaver, Bob and Godzik about getting coffee first thing in the morning or afternoon. After the meeting with Bob Kauffman, Mike and Bob Godzik changing light bulbs in Fireside. I Asked why the lights were burning out so fast Bob Godzik slurred something about coffee. D.Norm and I were reported to the hotline for eating in Chamber hall without paying. Richard Allows Norm and I to eat free. We are the cleaner/maintenance personal for Wagner Dinning Room and Hempfield …show more content…

Information being linked out of the Police Office. Julie Godzik police dispatcher received a phone call from Carl Rossman for a police officer to deliver a letter to Norm. Mike, Bob Godzik, and Julie Godzik were outside back of Wagner Dining Hall near police station Talking at 8:45. When I was going to meet with Carl Rossman. When I returned from meeting at 9:30 these employees were still there and Lenny talking. In the process Norm Called me from Westmoreland Hall and said he was summons to Carl Rossman Office .None of these employee had talked to Norm yet.Lenny verify he already

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